Partying Inside Out Style!

Last weekend, we celebrated the birthdays of my nieces Samantha and Michaela. My sister-in-law put together a super sweet Inside Out themed party which I thoroughly enjoyed… possibly even more than my own kids, and they enjoyed it a lot.

^^^ Nine kids just quietly enjoying their snacks.^^^
 This is a testament to just how good those snacks were.

As it was warm outside, Cece basically just wore this leotard and I didn’t really stop her (although I did pack some warmer clothes). Fortunately, Michaela has the matching leo so they totally got to be twinning for a little while!

One of the best parts of the day was just getting some fresh air and taking the kids to a nearby playground. Such a good way for the kids (and Joe and Grandpa) to get all their sillies out.

Look how high I can climb! (Not sure why I feel the need to show off to kids on the playground as I’m almost 30…)

The Olsons also baked and decorated two adorable homemade cakes decorated with all of the Inside Out emotions.

Oh, for cuteness sake.

Last but not least, the first rate goodie bags included tattoos and I couldn’t help but get in on this action. Don’t be surprised if my next inking involves Bing Bong and his rocket.

Thanks again for inviting us to celebrate and for hosting such a fun party!
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