Saturday Morning

Is this real life?? In the past few weeks, we’ve had a couple of changes around here. For one, the weather situation has seriously improved. However, this is March in MN so it would surprise no one if we got a blizzard this week. I think March is so wonderful and weird in that spring and winter days are interchangeable all month long. 

Also, Joe has had TWO days off of work each week for the past few weeks. It’s been awesome and also an adjustment. Usually on his days off, he wants to make the most of them so we end up doing a lot of activities and I end up completely exhausted in the evenings. However, we are all loving more time together to do fun stuff and also to get some projects done around our house.

Anyways, yesterday was glorious. At about 7:30 in the morning, we took the girls across the street to the park and I brought my camera just for funsies. And after looking at these pics… I think we need to get both girls a haircut for their upcoming birthdays. Just kidding… kind of.

Hope you are enjoying the spring time sunshine and are adjusting to that whole set-your-clock-ahead madness ; )
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