Happy 2nd Birthday, Rosie!

Today, Rosie turned two! Even though it was a rainy day, we got out to Good Times Park in the morning, squeezed in lunch, a nap, and a shopping trip, and spent lots of time breaking in her new art desk (which she so kindly shared with Cece.) We baked a chocolate cake and made her favorite dinner… tacos! How fitting that her birthday fell on Taco Tuesday. Here are a few bits from the day:

Cake making! I guess that’s the different with baby number one and baby number two… you have the second child make her own cake (or at least frost and distribute sprinkles…)

This art desk has been a huge hit… Thank you so much Grandma Pat!

Throughout the day, Cece kept asking “Is it still Rosie’s birthday?” Not that she’s anxious to move onto her birthday or anything. Cece also made 4 cards for Rosie, 1 from each of us and one from our neighbor. It was adorable.

This balloon was also a pretty big hit too… can’t ever go wrong with those!

Joe rearranged his work schedule so he could be home with us tonight. And get his faced squeezed and body jumped on. Thanks, Joe!

Cece insisted she needed more than just two candles. And she does look good with that blazing display, doesn’t she?

I’ve been so fortunate to have spent the last two years in the company of Miss Rosie Grace. She’s a sweetheart, a goofball, a smart cookie, and just an all around delight (provided she has been properly fed and has gotten decent sleep… but isn’t that the case for all humans?) Happy Birthday, once more! We love you so much!

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