Visiting the Easter Bunny!

Happy belated Easter from our family! I never got around to posting our pics from our encounter with the Easter Bunny, so here they are before they get lost in our computer and I don’t find them until next year.

Rosie loved meeting and high-fiving the bunny but had no interest in sitting on his lap.

Cece had no qualms.

And Rosie was appreciative of the bracelet Rosie recived from the Easter Bunny’s entourage. Easter itself was spent in St. Cloud with cousins and candy. The day was chilly and soggy, but didn’t deter any kids from egg-hunting. I admire their perseverance and I thanked them for even finding my egg out in the yard. I hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday! Also hoping to be posting more frequently again… once things are a little less busy!
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