Showering Robbyn & Jay!

The wedding festivities have officially been kicked off! This weekend I traveled (solo!) to Illinois to help throw a classy Mexican beach themed shower for my sister and her fiance. Thank you all so much to everyone who came and helped celebrate such a silly, special, (and ridiculously good-looking) couple. I know deep in my heart that their love for each other will never fail or waver (and neither will their love of Mexican food or a well-deserved vacation).
 We had a fantastic turnout. Nearly everyone who was invited attended!

Mad Libs once again proves itself a timeless and hilarious party game.

And we loved grilling the couple with questions. 
(What’s Robbyn’s favorite drink? Hint, not “decafe”)

Thank you Laura for getting a whole bunch of fantastic shots of gift-opening! Isn’t Robbyn having the best hair day? It’s almost as good as Jay’s. I can’t wait to stay at their place next so I can use/enjoy everything that was gifted ; )

Such a treat to get our families together!

Lastly, I also cannot say enough good things about Robbyn’s bridesmaids. This a group of such generous, talented, beautiful, and FUN ladies. From providing the venue, to making all the food, to whipping up an incredible cake and desserts, to creating gorgeous centerpieces and more, these girls literally had everything covered and it all came together seamlessly. The out-of-state-maid-of-honor- appreciates all of you immensely!

Robbyn and Jay, there are so many people who love you guys and can’t wait to celebrate more! Til next time!
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