Life Lately via iPhone

Hello! April has been a crazy up and down month in terms of weather and also schedule-wise. Does it ever slow down? Haha, no. A lot has been going on and it’s been tough to find time to post the fun stuff! That being said, here’s some of my favorite pics from my phone from the last half of March/first half of April.

A few notable happenings: We celebrated Joe’s birthday with homemade cake, some small gifts, and of course, a trip to Kyoto (in Eagan, not Japan). Also, while I was in Chicago a couple weeks ago, I got to visit sweet baby Evelyn and got a couple pics with her. The girls and I have been enjoying play dates, cozy time at home when the weather hasn’t been good or my motivation level hasn’t been high, and also solid outdoors time.

As you can see, we have been enjoying the weather this week as much as possible, averaging about two playgrounds a day, plus another activity, and then just hanging out in our yard. This spring weather has not arrived a moment too soon. It’s amazing how good it feels inhale the fresh air and feel the springtime sunshine (and wrestling resistant kids into jackets and hats!).

Even if you’re feeling like things are crazy too, I hope all of this fresh air and sunshine is helping you to also feel energized and refreshed and ready to tackle life. I’m also hoping my next post won’t be quite so far away! ; )
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