Happy 5th Birthday, Cece!

Cece turned five today! One whole hand! Just months away from starting kindergarten and one more year closer to being able to vote. It’s no exaggeration that they grow up so fast. Five is going to be a fantastic year from her, I can feel it! 

We celebrated the occasion  by having a family party at Chuck E. Cheese per her request.

She ended up being kind of unsure of this Chuck E. fellow though. I don’t blame her, I  was a little wary of him myself. He’s lost an alarming amount of weight since the 90s when I was a kid. And speak of change, there are no more tokens! All of your ride/game points go on a reloadable card. What in the world…

Rosie had no qualms. No surprise there.

Cece said her favorite part of the party was being inside of the ticket machine. She even snagged the golden ticket by following Joe’s advice and stomping on it. With her 1,000 points, she chose hair chalk as a prize which, you should know, will not come out with just one shampoo. But she thinks it’s fab!

 And Cece said her other favorite part of the day was cake. Which makes me feel good since I baked it. (If there’s one thing I’m quite talented at, it’s following directions on box cake mix.)

 Thank you so much to Cece’s cousins, grandparents, great grandparents, and aunts and uncles for celebrating with us today! It meant a lot to Cece  and us having you all there. Below are a few more pics of all the party that people shared from phones.

Happy Birthday, Cece! It has been such blessing to be your mama these past five years!
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