The Science of Having Fun

This has been a season of epic and generous birthday gifts and we’re feeling very lucky around here. I could probably do a blog post on each one that the girls received! One of the gifts Cece got for her birthday was a lab set from Joe (he also couldn’t resist the lab coat and safety goggles!) 

Joe, Cece, and Rosie spent the morning of Cece’s 5th birthday doing various experiments and learning about lab equipment (beakers, tweezers, magnifying glass, eye droppers, etc.) We also tried to emphasize the importance of following directions and cleaning up after yourself… that’s still a work in progress ; )

This included using food coloring to demonstrate how mixing primary colors creates secondary colors.

There was also some volcanic activity (“LAVA!” said Rosie.)

By the way, Rosie in safety goggles melts my heart.

  After awhile, it became just fun to pour things back and forth between various containers and we just let them have at it. We’re excited to continue doing all of the different experiments that came with the kit. Thank you, Joe, for thinking of such a fun birthday gift this year!

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