Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

Raise your hand if you thought last weekend was amazing and that every day should be Mother’s Day! Everyone? That’s what I thought. Not only was the weather phenomenal, but I got all treated nice and was bestowed with artwork, a cake, and some beautiful flowers. We also spent a couple days up at the cabin for the first time this season. The weather was RIDICULOUSLY awesome on Friday and the girls immediately wanted in their bathing suits and in the water. (Even though the water was/is frigid, you can’t tell from these pics! Doesn’t it look like July?)


As you can see, everyone thoroughly enjoyed Grandpa’s new boat and also the new paddle board. I think it goes without saying, it was such a treat to spend so much time outside. It wore the girls out and it was FANTASTIC.

The only pic I have with myself and one of my kids over Mother’s Day weekend is this one that Joe took. But I like it! I had forgotten to pack any type of swim attire for myself, but I really wanted to try out the paddle board. So I just hopped on with my clothes on. And so did Cece. I’m adaptable, I like fun, and I love my kids. And I think this pic captures the essence of my life right now!

 Although I’m always reading blogs, memes, status updates, articles, etc. about how motherhood is so exhausting and how it’s all about giving and giving so much of yourself (time, sleep, freedome, sanity, money, etc.), I feel like what I have gotten in return is immeasurably wonderful. And now we just have more people in our tribe to have fun with. I hope my kids always know that they’ve enriched my life beyond anything I could have imagined. 

 Lastly, a pic of the awesome Fixer-Upper- esqure planter Joe got for me. I LOVE IT! Thanks again for making me feel so special! Hope your Mother’s Day was great!

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