School’s Out for the Summer!

Cece just wrapped up her last day of preschool today! (I can’t believe I just typed that!) Below are a few of the end-of-school events that have recently happened:

Last month Cece had her final dance recital. She and her other tutu-clad friends danced to “Rain, Rain, Go Away” with umbrella props and all. Just adorable! Rosie has since enjoyed warbling the words to the song too.

In addition to dancing talents, Cece showed off her singing chops during the end-of-the-year spring program with her other classmates. Post concert, the girls got to snack on cookies and they also received balloons… which may have been their favorite part of the whole evening.

Not school-related, but I recently also took the girls to The Wild Rumpus (aka, the coolest kids’ bookstore ever). Rosie fell hard in love with the kitty who was lounging about and both girls enjoyed listening to Lisa McCourt read from the I Love You Stinky Face books. 

 I also feel that it’s important to note that Cece announced to everyone “My mom gets mad when I ask too many questions!” during the reading. And also Rosie kept trying to convince another kid share his snacks by rubbing her back and saying “Crackers? Please?”

Just last week I accompanied Cece on her field trip to Como Zoo. It could not have been a more perfect day to have an outing to the zoo plus a picnic lunch. All that fresh air and fun wore her out quite a bit and she fell asleep on the bus ride home. I also love how we managed to not take any pictures of actual zoo animals, just with the statues.

And lastly, here is Cece with both of her teachers Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Lori (from last year and this year). I can’t say enough good things about the preschool she has attended for the past two years and I’m slightly broken-hearted that we won’t be back in the fall. But whenever I/we need to move on and say goodbye, I always remind myself that we are so lucky to have something that is so hard to say goodbye to.

Ok, summer’s here now! Let’s do this!
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