We’ve Moved!

Hello blog world, my old friend! You probably gathered from my last (emotional) post three weeks ago that we’ve moved! We are now residents of Hudson, Wisconsin. And there’s been a whole lot to do between unpacking, address changing, getting Cece signed up for school (and a little bit of summer school!), purchasing new furniture, arguing with each other about where stuff should go and who bought the wrong size curtain rod AGAIN and all those summer activities in between!


So here we all are together finally! Joe’s parents were able to watch the girls for a couple day while we attended our closings and physically moved all of our things. It felt great to all be together again and the girls were ecstatic to be living and playing in the new house! 

One of our first purchases was seating for the front porch. I have a front porch! (I’m just going to continue saying that and sitting out there over and over again until it sinks in.)

The above mentioned front porch pairs very well with the view and also a glass of wine on these long summer evenings.
During the first week we moved in I saw my first ever double rainbow and also saw the entire arc of one of the rainbows. This proves to me that the universe is happy for us as this rainbow was actually stretched right over our neighborhood. The girls and I were able to see it from Cece’s bedroom window and I do say, it was magical.
And you heard right, the girls have their own bedrooms in addition to several play spaces! Of course, their favorite place to be is the master bath and my closet as they now have easy access to my shoes and jewelry. 
Even though lots of spaces feel a far way from “done”, I have to share a small peek of our dining room. As soon as we moved in, we purchased my dream dining table in addition to a dreamy chandelier. Eat your heart out, Joanna Gaines! My Fixer Upper dreams are literally coming true before my eyes! I am loving our meals in here together, that’s for sure. Even eating hot dogs seems special in here!
Another favorite part of the house is the loft area upstairs where the bedrooms are. Instead of a dark narrow hallway, we basically have this bonus room that’s full of light (and now teepee and toys). I recently discovered that Rosie knows how to climb INTO her crib. So we’ve transitioned her to a toddler bed which is just so darn exciting that she can’t fall asleep during naps or bedtimes. So, she instead just falls asleep whenever, wherever. Hoping this phase is short-lived, but it is kind of funny finding her passed  out in random places.

When Rosie is not falling asleep in random places, she has been enjoying the green space across the street from our house. Good for running around, picnics, and bird-watching!

We had a picnic lunch outside last week and Cece said “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this!” I don’t blame her. Cheese and crackers outside on a nice day is my idea of perfection too.

Cece keeps trying to photograph all the birds outside with my phone. It was super cute when she told me she want to be a nature photographer because she loves animals. It was slightly less cute (but still funny) when she told me “You’re so big and noisy and scaring everything away!” 

I need to also note that since we now have a large kitchen, Joe bought something he’s always longed for but we’ve never had the storage to accommodate… a waffle maker! And he’s already used it several times. (I, however, am intimidated by it. It looks too complicated and flippy to me. I know I would make a serious mess.)

In addition to moving, lots of other things have been happening! My brother just completed his culinary program at the Art Institute. My mom came into town and we attended his senior portfolio show. This may have been the best graduation event I have ever attended due to the fact that it was fast, fun, and full of delicious food! Way to go, bro!!! I’m still crazy proud of him and can’t wait to see what he does next.

We also attended the wedding of my friend Marla (no pics from my phone, but it was lovely!). We also celebrated our sixth anniversary as well as Father’s Day. In the last three weeks I also managed two family photo shoots, one newborn photoshoot, and one T Rex photo shoot. Joe, the girls, and I have been out discovering all sorts of new parks and playgrounds and it’s been a great experience to explore new places and meet new neighbors as well. Also, Cece just had her first official sleepover at her cousin Michaela’s house. Life has been kind of good for these girls lately!

Here we are splash-padding it up in Woodbury with cousins last week. I’m hoping now that the initial stress and craziness of moving and settling in is winding down that we can now start really just relax and enjoy the rest of summer as much as possible!

I really want to thank all of our friends and family who have already trekked out to Wisconsin to visit us already (some several times!) So thank you Michael, Emily, Jess, Azure, Angela, Troy, Luke, and Andrea for visiting and helping us settle in! ESPECIALLY Joe’s sisters. Our stuff would still be in boxes everywhere if not for them. They unflinchingly and efficiently took our boxes of total randomness and made our house a home that I LOVE living in. I seriously still think this may still all be a dream!

Here’s to a GREAT summer! There’s still so much I want to do! And all you friends, please come visit!!!

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