No-ouch Cacti

My longtime crafting buddy (Cece) and I got around to doing an EASY and fun art project one rainy afternoon last week. This project  is too heavy to put on the fridge, but can be displayed anywhere in our house! 

There’s plenty of different versions of this on Pinterest, but really all you need is clay pots, craft paint, brushes, large (preferably smooth) rocks, and smaller rocks to fill your pot.
 (We got our large rocks from outside so they are more textured.)

 Paint your larger rocks green and let dry. Then use white paint to create designs (spikes, swirls, stripes, etc.). Once everything is dry, fill pots with rocks and arrange your painted rocks in a way that pleases you!

Aside from getting all of the supplies set up, I sat back for most of this project. I contributed by painting the pots white. Cece then took this picture of me with my camera… Artsy shot, right? I love it!

I love how these turned out!

Succulents and cacti are really having their moment right now, which makes me happy because we always had these in our house growing up (courtesy of my mom, the plant lady.)
Although with these non-prickly ones, you can’t dare your siblings to touch them or anything. (Not that we would ever do that…) I hope my mom enjoys getting one of these as a gift for her upcoming birthday!
Lastly, I just need to say that Cece has really been such an enthusiastic buddy about doing creative projects together and I love it. She loves planning projects, shopping for supplies, and turning on some good tunes while we get to work. I hope that never ever changes!

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