Beachable Moments

Greetings from the beach! Over the weekend we packed 50 bags or so for a couple hours of fun in the sun in Hudson. This is one of my favorite days from this summer so far. We started off the morning with a playground visit and then decided that there was no better day for an impromptu trip to the beach since the weather was essentially perfect.

 After spending a couple hours on the beach, we got ice cream from Dairy Queen. (Every perfect summer day must include ice cream). Post ice cream, the girls fell asleep in the car so we drove around a bit of the countryside, looking at land, fancy houses, and horses and cows. We even stopped at a stand for some sweet corn and peaches. We got a lot accomplished around the house, grilled steak  and our newly acquired corn for dinner, and ended the day with another playground trip near our house,

At the beach, Rosie was actually pretty hesitant about getting in the water (I think the waves freaked her out, but she warmed up to the idea of getting wet after she saw some ducks.) Cece frolicked as only a Cece can frolic in the water and then everyone settled in the sand to make a castle which then turned into a volcano.

I’ve mentioned this before, but boy, pool days and beach days with small kids are so much work. I do know that some day I’ll have less on my plate, less in my arms, and not nearly as much to carry and I’ll look back and reminisce about chubby legs in bathing suits, kids who smell like sunscreen, and sand in every imaginable place and think “Those were the days!” Because they are. Really. The best days.

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