I’m on a boat!

After a morning of shopping and eating in Stillwater, the birthday fun continued on a cruise on the St. Croix! We had a dinner of BBQ ribs and got to enjoy sitting on the different decks, taking in the view, and looking out for mermaids, of course.

(This is not a photo of the boat we were on because I had forgotten to take one… but I think it probably looked similar to the one that was in front of us.)

This photo turned out really pink-ish, and I liked it so much that I’m just letting it stay that way, even though this is not the true colors of the boat.

Comin’ through! Gotta raise up the bridge.

Gotta check below for mermaids too.

I love Robbyn and Cece together. That’s all.

Lovely ladies enjoying the sea breeze!

 The girls were a little antsy and squirrel-y, but I’m still glad they came with and also that the weather was perfect to be out for a couple hours. And Rosie looks quite happy, you would never know that she ended up in timeout on the boat…

Once more, I am so very thankful for all of the birthday wishes from EVERYONE over the past couple days. I’m also tremendously thankful for my family and friends who celebrated with me and made me feel so loved. Thirty feels fantastic so far!

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