Monkey Run!

Over the weekend, Joe ran his third (I think?) race of the season and Cece participated in her first mud run! Maybe it’s the Olympics that has gotten to me, but I felt so very proud of both of them. Joe might as well have been taking a walk in the park instead of doing a 10K obstacle course and Cece didn’t get squeamish about the mud or back down from any of the obstacles.

 Below are a few photos from the day.

Joe ran the race with Jake, Cece ran with Penny. Emily and I carried all of the stuff around, and Jack and Rosie really enjoyed playing in the mud.
One of the obstacles from the grown-up race. Very Ninja Warrior!

Penny and Cece warming up and stretching pre-race… afterall, no one wants a pulled hammy.

And then they were off! I didn’t see them for about a half mile until they got close to the finish line.
 She finished strong and got a medal!

Honestly, what can feel better than standing on the podium with your girlfriend?
Congrats again to these awesome little girls! (And congrats to the fellas of course who ran their race and then accompanied the girls for theirs.)
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