Remembering Grandma Geneva

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Grandma Geneva for about 11 years. And although I’ve known her for much less time than her own kids and grandkids, I still feel broken-hearted and deeply saddend by her passing this week.

Although the details of her life have been recorded here, I need to make it clear how bomb she was. I am going to miss her greatly, but I will always be inspired by her.  As the matriarch of a huge family (six children, 24 grandchildren, and 33 great-grand children) she still always managed to make everyone feel special and welcomed, no matter the circumstances or size of the crowd on any given day. (This is no small feat. I can barely remember the names of my own two children some days.)

Even when I was super new to the family (and nervous!), she would always chat me up with smiles and kindness and ask me about what was going on in my life. Being a couple states away from my own parents and grandparents, it meant a lot to be accepted so warmly.  I loved seeing how much she enjoyed life and adored her family, always attending events (from weddings to first birthday parties) and giving the most thoughtful gifts. (Jars of homemade salsa were among our favorites and the handmade baby blankets will forever be treasured.)

I am inspired not only by her unwavering love for her family, but also the beautiful 60-year partnership she shared with Joe’s grandpa. They did everything together and radiated happiness while doing so. I feel blessed to have witnessed what that kind of companionship looks and the legacy of love it leaves behind. Those are true relationship goals. 

My own grandma passed away two years ago and I hope she and Geneva can bump into each other in heaven and chat it up (and brag about all of their grandkids, of course). 

Saying goodbye is so difficult and painful, but I’m doing my best to remember that we are so lucky to have had someone in our lives that makes goodbye so hard.

We will remember and love you always, Grandma Geneva.
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