First Day of Kindergarten!

“Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting so get on your way.”
-Dr. Suess
Our family woke up bright and early this morning to send Cece off on her way to her first day of kindergarten. We had a big family breakfast (French toast and farina with applesauce), put on shiny new shoes, packed a lunch, took some quick pictures, and then dropped Cece off to embark on her education.
I started regularly writing this personal blog about five years ago now and have loved having a place to record and share our family life. (And then be able to go back and relive it!)
 It really all started with Cece  and our adventures together during the day. Some days they would be big (road trip to Chicago!) and some days they would be small ( road trip to the Target dollar section!)
I knew on some distant day in the future that I would be sending off a school age kiddo to kindergarten, but I can’t believe that day is already here.
Cece, you’ve added so much light and brightness to my life. Sometimes I think I dreamed you into existence. And I realize that’s can’t be true because I couldn’t have dreamed up a daughter as wonderful as you are. Even though I don’t feel it always shows, being your mom and being home with you for the past five years has made me a better person.
 I hope you love school. I hope you come home excited to tell me about the kids in your class, your teacher, and what you learned that day. I hope you always love “arting” and reading and going to bed with a pile of books even when we tell you it’s time to sleep. I hope that even when things are hard, you always tell me and we can work through it together. I also hope that I don’t get nearly so emotional and weepy  every new school year. (Because, seriously, this is ridiculous.) I wish you a spectacular day and a fantastic school year and I absolutely can’t wait to hear how it all went!


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