Halloween Candy Houses

Happy almost-Halloween! Cece recently had a four-day weekend and we kept busy for most of it. However, on Monday we relaxed around the house and I managed to facilitate a small Halloween project for the girls.


During the Christmas season, making gingerbread houses is one of our favorite things to do. I figured we could start honing our skills and put a Halloween spin on the candy house idea. Really, all this meant was that I bought some candy corn and dark chocolate frosting. And I then quickly assembled simple structures from graham crackers that we already had in the pantry. (Joe called my construction skills too simple and “Ted Mosby-like” but I don’t care. The girls turned them into masterpieces!)


I tried to monitor the candy-eating and frosting-licking, but as you can see, Rosie is totally guilty of sweet consumption (and so stinkin’ adorable!). Cece could work on a project like this literally for hours. She was so sweet and thankful that I set this up for them!



I also love how Rosie’s house’s door is a nod to Olaf the snowman.




As you can see, the girls had a lot of fun and these masterpieces are now centerpieces on our dining room table. (Of course, the smell of frosting was making me crave cupcakes… so I might have baked a whole batch of cupcakes today… whoops.)
Anyways, thanks for checking out our cute candy houses!
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