Family Pictures 2016… and news!









Holiday greetings from our family! We took our Christmas card photos weeks ago (back in October) in an extremely successful 10 minutes session by Joe’s cousin Ashley (THANK YOU, ASHLEY!!!) I’ve been dying to share photos, not just because I love sharing pictures, but so I can finally announce that BABY #3 is on the way!!! Cece is very excited, Rosie is still grasping the concept, Joe is pumped to have another minion, and I’m thrilled/nervous/excited to have another babe around here!
Baby is due in May, I’ve been feeling pretty decent (just hungry, sleepy, and emotional, but that’s really no different than how things normally are… I just can’t fit into clothes with buttons or zippers. Meh. Not a tragedy.)
What do you think? Boy or girl this time? If it’s a girl, Cece has had the name “Lily Bloom Flower” picked out for months. (Apparently, she wishes that’s what we named her.) We just had our first ultrasound and we know it’s not twins, but we do know that the baby is looking ever-so-cute so far. We’re feeling very lucky around here.
Thanks for stopping by and reading! Will try to keep up the blogging as our journey with baby #3 continues.
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