“Magical” pictures by the Christmas tree

Between the picturesque first snowfall, our TWO Christmas trees, and the nonstop holiday music I play at home, holiday spirit levels are high in our house. The girls even voluntarily tried on their Christmas outfits and for the first time in history asked me to take pictures of them. Hence, blog post. Cece mostly directed this impromptu photo shoot and also insisted that the lights be off. (I tried to explain that makes it harder to take pictures, but she’s a lady with a vision.)
Here’s how it turned out:

Kinda, sorta, pinterest-y? I’ll try this shot again in the future, I think it could be really sweet.

 Cecelia Ray in her holiday glory. I love.

And Rosie also  in her holiday glory. I may have to send out a secondary Christmas card this year of just Rosie like this.

                                                            Then upstairs, Cece wanted a photo series of her holding an assortment of ornaments. So we have about 20 of these types of pictures.
And Rosie wanted to pose with an Easter egg. Because, why not?
And before the evening was over, Rosie had to give me her new trademark pose which will undoubtedly be on her first album cover. Or inside her first book jacket. She has inherited Joe’s diva personality and I think she’ll go far ; )
Hope you had a great first weekend in December! I’m hoping to post more frequently this month so stay tuned for more Rosie and Cece  holiday adventures!


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