What didn’t make the cut for the holiday card.


I love giving and receiving holiday cards. I think my mom put me in charge of writing out our family’s cards when I was like, 12 and I was like, seriously pumped about it. (It’s true, I’ve always known how to have a rockin’ Friday night.)

And now that I’m older with a family of my own, I have an even greater enthusiasm for sending out cards as it’s an opportunity to not only send out merriment, but to also send out a really polished picture of myself, my husband, and our children (who normally wear their pajamas all day long and usually at least one person has pancake syrup in their hair). Plus I’ve been recently adding a concise summary of our year’s highlights which also makes me feel organized and fancy.

Now let’s be honest. Real life occurs in between all of those highlight moments that we deem worthy enough to publish on social media. Example of what gets posted: “OMG, happy anniversary to us! We moved into our new house and everything is SO wonderful!”

Not posted: The next day when I couldn’t find Rosie in our big new house and got a little panicky. Turned out that she had learned how to climb IN to her crib and was hiding there. Or when I also bought the wrong size curtain rod for the, like third time in a row, and I really thought Joe was going to not be my friend any more.

So, in light of being honest, I’d like to share some recent Rosie and Cece quotes that didn’t make it into the holiday card, but are definitely worthy of mention in the blogosphere.


(While carrying Rosie through the Hobby Lobby parking lot and her noticing a Salvation Army bell ringer. Embarrassed, I donated money while red-faced and all shameful of my scroogey toddler.)


(Cece as Rosie rearranged the Christmas gel clings on their bedroom windows. This one surprised me. I did not know Cece knew what symmetrical meant. Nor did I know that she preferred things that way. I’m such a loosey goosey type B personality and I usually don’t even notice or care if I have matching socks.)

And then we had some really tender moments.

Like when Rosie and I were snuggling in my bed because she didn’t want to sleep in hers. She took my face in her hands as we cuddled close and uttered softly to me:
“Beans, beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot!”

And also one morning I was helping Cece load up her toothbrush with toothpaste, but I accidentally “buttered” Rosie’s toothbrush instead.

Cece: Hey, that’s not my toothbrush!
Me: Oh! Sorry, I haven’t had my coffee yet.
Cece: (super sweetly) Oh! I get it. It means you can’t see yet.


And lastly…


I guess that’s what happens when you make your snowman’s face out of candy.

So, just remember when you receive all those gorgeous holiday cards of families in the mail, the person writing them out was likely wearing a bathrobe while eating cold pizza with a side of Doritos while her kids either screamed in the background or played on an iPad.

Hashtag blessed, right? Happy Holidays!!!


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