Gingerbread Houses

Last night we got around to one of my favorite holiday traditions and we assembled and decorated gingerbread houses. I love how involved and enthusiastic the girls get about these kind of projects; there’s no time or desire to fight with each other. It’s excellent. This year was made even better by the fact that we had company and helping hands as Mike and Kenzie trekked all the way out to Hudson to come hang out with us. They so patiently helped the girls decorate the houses to their hearts’ desires.

Of course, what Cece desired was for her house to look “just like the box!” (That’s the danger in buying a kit instead of improvising with whatever you have in your kitchen.) After a few constructions fails using Royal Icing, I finally assembled the houses with hot glue (which is NOT included in any gingerbread kits or instructions by the way). And then Michael made Cece’s decor dreams come true. She was thrilled!

What Rosie desired was to eat as much candy as she could manage while still designing a functional yet  fabulous home. Both missions were accomplished.

^^^This is the beginning of the sugar rush that took hold of Rosie. Before she unleashed all of that energy on Kenzie. ^^^

*Remember if you are building your own house, please take away these three things from my post: Feed your kids dinner BEFORE house-making (which we fortunately did), use hot glue for the sturdiest construction possible, and also recruit assistants who have attended culinary school. At least if your kids have Pinterest expectations as to how crafting is supposed to turn out.

Thanks again for coming over and spending time with the ladies (even thought they got super hyped up at the end!). You seriously made their day and mine!