Hey, Santa!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Santa is the talk of our house (and not just when we are trying to encourage good behavior and listening, which I know is not how you are supposed to “use” Santa. But it kind of straightens everybody right up, so…) We made two attempts to see Santa this month. The first was in Hudson. We went to Riverfront Park and got to see reindeer, observe an ice sculptor in action, make some crafts, drink some hot chocolate, and take a wagon ride down by the river. Unfortunately the wait for Santa was beyond what Rosie was willing to deal with, so we actually had to leave early and figured we would catch up with Santa at a different time. The next weekend we packed up our coffees and caught Santa at Southdale Center. Cece came highly prepared. She first presented Santa with a homemade wreath as a gift and then gave him her list/letter. Rosie thought Santa was a’ight from a distance, but wanted nothing to do with him  once we got close.  The photo actually taken by the photographer had even less joy from Rosie… so maybe we’ll get the Christmas card-worthy shot next year. Maybe??

I hope all of your holiday has been filled with memorable moments! (Even if they weren’t frame-able or post-able ones.) Enjoy the next couple of days, eat all of the food, spend time with your loved ones, and I’ll be back here soon!