Baby Shower Invitations for Girls (and a giveaway with Paperless Post!)

With this wintry weather in full effect, I am eagerly anticipating warmer days and upcoming spring celebrations. (Not that wearing a dozen winter items each isn’t a blast, but I’m absolutely longing for the day where the girls and I can slip on flip flops and be out the door in 30 seconds as opposed to the 30 minutes that it’s taking right now!)

 I feel excited not only to be expecting a little one in the spring, but also having a chance to celebrate other milestones in our family (Rosie’s 3rd birthday and Cece’s 6th birthday are coming up in March and April!) As I’ve always been a stationery enthusiast, I actually can’t wait to start designing birthday party invites, thank-you notes, birth announcements, and more!

(I credit this enthusiasm to my mom as she’s always emphasized manners, the importance of sending thank-yous, and good style!)

I’ve already begun perusing all the stylish and whimsical cards on Paperless Post for the above mentioned upcoming life events. I even pulled up some of the newborn photos I took of Rosie and played with some of the templates for birth announcements and even baby shower invitations for girls. These are a few of my favorite cards:

What can I say… I apparently like books and buns in the oven.

This “pregnancy eat list” shower invite totally cracked me up. (But seriously, sushi will be the first thing I eat once this baby is out of me!)

(I’m partial to the Rifle Paper Co. designs as I’ve been swooning over Anna Bond’s work for half a decade now! Come design my entire life, ok?)

I’ll be thrilled to be able to create a birth announcement/sip and see card that’s similar if we have another girl, but I also love the idea of designing and decorating for a little fellow. (And if you’re like me and trying to navigate the latest baby trends, here is the difference between a baby shower and a “sip and see.” )

Really, it’s a win-win no matter who greets us on delivery day. And speak of winning…

Today I’m giving away 1,000 coins to Paperless Post! (This is a $90 value and can be used for purchasing online cards, including electronic invites, thank-yous, notes, and more! I love  e-cards… instant delivery and no stamps or trips to the post office required.) All you need to do is comment below with what your favorite baby shower game is! I personally like the one where people make funny drawings/sayings on diapers and the mom gets to pick her favorite as the winner.

(another card, fun right??)


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  1. Nicole Cruz says:

    You’re so adorable!

  2. Sarah Nickless says:

    Love these! I never sent an announcement for E… maybe it’s not to late.

  3. Robbyn says:


  4. Julie Chiu says:

    These are gorgeous designs!

  5. Rachel Jamie Gaetz says:

    These are all so cute!

  6. Danielle says:

    Sounds adorable!!

  7. Andrea Olson says:

    So cute!

    I agree I like the diaper game. Otherwise the Mommy and Daddy secrets game.

  8. Michele Gaetz says:

    Looking forward to seeing and snuggling little one! Another diaper game is using a melted cady bar in each diaper and now guess which bar it is.

  9. Angela says:

    What a sweet picture of baby Rosie!
    The Baby Trivia game is pretty entertaining. 🙂

  10. Alysha Herpel says:

    These are gorgeous! My favorite game is the name suggestion game!

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