Life Lately via iPhone

Good morning! Have you found yourself as joyful as Rosie in a swing on a snowy day? (Me neither. Because January, right?) Although it is currently the coldest and crummiest part of winter, my heart is still warm and fuzzy from the holidays and my recent road trip home to Chicago to see family. Below are some phone pics of the visit and life lately.

We stayed with my sister (aka Auntie Robbo) while we were in town. I think we tested her patience and immune system real good (sorry Rosie kept coughing on you  and sorry that both girls thought your body was their own personal trampoline), but she was the most gracious host and I don’t know who misses her more now, me or the girls!

We received all kinds of generous gifts from friends and family while we visited including several adorable matching outfits. And two kids smiling for the camera? Christmas miracle!


There was one day during the trip that my siblings and I were all together. My bro made all the meats for a holiday get together with the Yuens. Everything tasted absolutely delicious and being reunited with so many family members felt wonderful.

We managed three play dates with Sarah, Will, and Evie. One was to Gizmo’s Fun Factory in Orland. I’m still so proud that Cece did such a great job looking out for Rosie, holding her hand, helping her find missing socks, etc. She sure can be a rockstar of a big sister sometimes.

The girls and I were sad to leave after five days, but I think this photo also sums up our level of exhaustion.

Joe and the girls were thrilled to be reunited on New Year’s Eve. And they also liked using him as the fourth wall to their fort. Cece wasn’t quite as excited to go back to school after winter break and asked when she can have “100 days off.” That, my friend, is called summer vacation and I think we can all agree that won’t come a moment too soon.

And one last family-related pic. Last weekend, my sister-in-laws and my mother-in-law left our husbands and babies to go have a stellar lady day which included lunch at Crave, a viewing of La La Land, and then dinner hosted by Rachel Jamie. We might make this a regular thing because we had ourselves a grand old time!

Other than torturing myself by starting The Whole 30, I’d say this month and this year is off to a great start. Hope 2017 has been treating you right!