So Many Dates!

If you want to book a time to hang out with Rosie and Cece, you’ll have to do that weeks in advance because their social calendar has been booming as of late (mostly because of Joe). Last weekend he took each of the girls on a date to the location of their choice. Both girls chose the Mall of America, so he made two separate trips to the mall for hours of Daddy-daughter time.

Cece’s date started out with both of them getting haircuts. (Look how pretty they both are!) Then they were off to the mall. Cece’s chose to do The Crayola Experience and also the Children’s Museum. They also squeezed in a smoothie date at Jamba Juice. They returned home with all kinds of artwork from the Crayola exhibit as well as some new shoes for her and Rosie.

Rosie’s mall date also consisted of the Children’s Museum and also the rides at Nickelodeon Universe. She was such a big girl,  living life sans stroller, riding the rides, and enjoying every minute of having dad all to herself. (She was exhausted by the end for sure, but so happy!)

Huge thanks to Joe who came up with the idea of going on dates and for also taking so many photos and providing me blog material. He also dutifully packed with a Whole 30 compliant lunch both times, even though there are endless food options at the mall. I don’t think I could have resisted some of my favorite restaurants!

On yet another weekend date, Michael, McKenzie, and I took the girls ice skating for the first time this winter! Cece’s school has been doing a rollerskating unit in gym class, so she did pretty great skating by herself. Rosie was very hesitant to get on the ice at first and it took some bribery (with a banana), but she laced up and got out there for one very slowwwww lap around the rink. Just enough to get a couple photos. Thanks again to Michael and McKenzie for helping so much with the girls, there’s no way I could have done this by myself!

Lastly, a couple days ago, Joe also took the girls to The Giggle Factory in Hudson while I was at a photo session. We’ve never been there before and we can definitely appreciate an indoor play place that you don’t have to drive far to get too. As you can see, they had a blast and I think they were the happiest when eating mini corn dogs (naturally).

I think you can say that the girls have gotten through January like rock stars and are successfully on their way to a fun-filled spring.