Wisconson Dells (and other life happenings!)

Hi there! It feels good to be inching towards the end of winter and to start breaking out of hibernation. A couple weeks ago, we took an impromptu four-day trip to Wisconsin Dells. My sister even joined us for part of the vacation which made it extra wonderful. She’s also the reason we even have any photos as I think I took three pictures with my phone while we were there. (Water parks, kids,  and phones/cameras do not mix, friends.) During this trip, we stayed at the Chula Vista which, like most Wisconsin Dells resorts, had a large indoor water park. We also opted for the condo style room which was fantastic. We had a kitchen and were able to cook the majority of our meals and avoided that ouchie vacation belly we usually get when dining out for all meals during a trip. Not to mention, the girls got to take baths in the Jacuzzi which they thought was pretty neat.  Plus, it was just plain old nice to have more space. As you can see, the girls had a wonderful time!

Thanks again to Robbyn for driving to Wisconsin (just to be jumped on by the girls), taking photos, keeping the girls in great spirits, and keeping your old sister bird company… much appreciated! Can’t wait until we are reunited once more!

After we returned from Wisconsin Dells, we celebrated Valentine’s Day. Cece wrote out all her own Valentine’s for school and she was ecstatic to hand them out to her classmates. On Valentine’s Day morning, Rosie and I joined Cece at her school for breakfast and the book fair (which is basically my idea of an ideal morning). We still have plenty of leftover treats from the holiday in case anyone wants to come over for a play date and also get their chocolate fix!

The weather around here (as I’m sure you know) has been unseasonably warm and it felt surreal to be outside riding bikes, chalking, and having a picnic in our front yard this past weekend. I loved getting a taste of spring and a breath of fresh air before the snow storm hits us this weekend.

Lastly, we only have about two months or so until we all meet baby #3! I’ve been trying to soak up and enjoy my last couple months of girl time (especially with doctor Rosie). Lately, Cece has been saying goodbye to my belly before school and then shouting “I love you so much, baby!” before she leaves for the bus. It’s the sweetest. Fingers crossed that this pro-baby attitude continues when the baby is actually here…

That’s all for now from us!