Sundays are for baking, art projects, and PJs!

” A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.” 

Hello from Monday! Whether your weekend was productive, relaxing, or just plain busy, I hope you enjoyed it! Ours was a mixture of all those things.  However, on Sunday Joe had work and it was my day to be home with the ladies. We stayed in our pajamas until noon, did various painting projects, and Rosie and I baked a lemon-blueberry dessert bread from scratch which was super tasty! (Recipe here.)  For the last several weeks, I’ve spent a few hours on Sunday meal prepping for the week. Although I love how nicely it sets us up for eating well during the week, yesterday was a welcome break from standing on my feet for hours and making heaps of dirty dishes.

On Saturday, we painted the window art and let it dry overnight. The girls got to decorate their window in the morning which they thought was beautiful and I agree. I also enjoyed having them do a project that for once didn’t involve little scraps of paper all over the floor. (Does little shreds of paper on the floor drive anyone else insane too??)

 We then used the leftover paint on a few mason jars. Since they are avid dandelion pickers in the summer, this might be a cute way of storing their “bouquets.”

Lastly, I know it’s not really a thing to showcase your kids and getting their screen time fix since screens are the devil and all, but I needed to shower and they were actually being so well-behaved and sharing that I still took a photo. Because, let’s be real. Parenting is hard. Siblings fight.  iPads help.

After the baking, the arting, and finally putting on regular clothes, Joe came home and we took the girls to the park and had a nice evening of dinner, a movie, and five stories before bed last night (two of which Cece read!). Joe and I were even able to do some of our own reading after they went to sleep which, in my opinion, is the best way to wrap up a Sunday.

Anyway, on to Monday… and March!