March via iPhone

Hello! It’s spring! (Or so I’m told. I’ll believe it when I see it/feel it/stop shivering/see the sun/etc.) We are only about six weeks away from welcoming baby no. 3 which means that I have been tired, scatterbrained, and not really blogging. (But I totally think about blogging all the time… that counts for something, yes?) Anyway, our days as a family of four are winding down and here’s what that has looked like this past March:

There have obviously been trips to Target. Not pictured: the time Joe accidentally tried on skinny jeans. I’m keeping that shot of emo Joe all to myself.

Early in the month, Rosie and I made a trip to the Crayola Experience at the Mall of America. We doodled, melted things, sculpted things, had lunch together, and generally just enjoyed a Mom and Rosie day.

Now that we don’t live seven minutes away from the Mall of America, our trips there are actually pretty few and far between. Recently, a few of our frequently visited indoor play areas are Lookout Ridge in Woodbury and also The Giggle Factory in Hudson. Above is Joe literally  being trapped into playing.

Cece’s spring break fell during the second week in March. We had originally planned to not really have any plans and to just stay in town. Then Cece suggested that we go to Chicago (no joke!). So the girls and I took a day to pack and then had a spontaneous road trip to Chicago! (Or rather, Oak Lawn/Oak Forest, but whatever.) We stayed with my sister and spent a few days visiting my mom, hanging out with Will and Sarah, and of course, enjoying all of our time with Auntie Robbo. Above are a few photos of the girls at the Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn.

Since we were visiting just a few days before Rosie’s birthday, Robbyn made Rosie an adorable My Little Pony cake which we all obviously enjoyed! As usual thank you again for being a most wonderful host, sister!

For good measure, here is one more photo of Rosie posed with another cake on her actual 3rd birthday. Her birthday was low-key but fun. She and I shopped for a birthday gift for her at Target (She chose a Moana doll.), then went to the Giggle Factory. I baked her a cake while she napped and made tacos for birthday dinner.

The biggest hit was this diner set from Grandma Pat.  (Why is it so fun to wear an apron as a child???) The girls love pretending to be chefs and waitresses and feeding all of the fake food to us.

After all of that caking, we did take a trip to the dentist (at least for Cece). I’ve taken her to a general dentist a few times before, but this was our first time going to a pediatric dentist. Cece and I were both blown away by how amazing the experience was. She even hugged her hygienist at the end of the visit. Oh, and she got to brush a unicorns teeth while she was there so… I think I can officially say that her childhood dental experiences have been 1000% better than my own.

I’m realizing there are not really any photos of myself from this past month other than this nice selfie of me eating cake off my 34 week pregnant belly. I’m just trying to live my best life over here, guys.

There’s also been some fun happenings in Cece’s academic life. We got to attend a concert “Bugz” performed by the kindergarteners and first graders. I love their little bug heads. And the concert melted my heart just like Cece said it would.

Also, so much reading happening with Cece lately! Here she is dressed as Fancy Nancy during Rivercrest Reads week at school. I’m all for celebrating and encouraging the books, so I thought this was a very cool themed week!

On the days that have been nice and even on the days that have been not-so-nice, we’ve tried to get outside and to the parks as much as possible. Rosie recently learned to ride her bike without us having to give her a boost the entire time, so that has been a great success in my opinion. Cece has also become an avid tree climber so I’ll have to share some photos of that new skill soon.

So those are all the things for now! If you need me, I’ll just be over here waddling around and thinking about getting things on my before-baby-to-do-list (but probably not actually doing them…)

Hope you are enjoying warmer weather and sunnier days!