Out and About

I’m happy to say that we’ve been out and about these past couple weekends and trying out a few new (to us) places. Now that it’s April and getting a little warmer, I don’t really think I can claim hibernation as my favorite pastime anymore.

We recently went to the Can Can Wonderland in St. Paul for our first mini golf round of the season. It was whimsical as well as weird. There was so much visual stimulation, it was hard for me to focus and my ball ended up in the water a whole bunch of times. I also found out mini putt at 8 months pregnant is more challenging than I had anticipated.  I’m no Sergio, that’s for sure.

^^^Murals and art installations EVERYWHERE!^^^

There was also a hole where you got to hit your golf ball like a baseball. Fortunately, helmets were provided. Even though golf really isn’t their thing, the girls had a great time. No one got whacked with a putter, there were no meltdowns, and that’s what I call a successful morning. I wouldn’t mind going back again!

This past weekend, while Joe was off, we ventured to Willow River Park in Hudson for the first time this spring. We visited briefly last year before we officially, but we hadn’t been to the park since. This time, we actually reached the waterfalls.

“We’re NEVER going to make it!” declared Rosie repeatedly… 30 seconds into biking. I mean, if that’s not a can-do attitude, I don’t know what is.

As you can see, we did make it, and then Rosie proceeded to steal my Larabar for herself and ate it while she and Joe went cave exploring. To be fair, there was a lot of uphill hiking, and I wasn’t totally sure we would make it myself. Good thing we had water and snacks.

Darn. Forgot my selfie stick. Again. Anyway, so glad we decided to be one with nature on this fine Friday afternoon. We bought an annual pass, so we will definitely return!

 That same weekend Cece had her first school-friend sleepover (!!!) and we also visited the carnival at her school which was Wild West themed. Rosie kept calling the carnival “the caramel” and she wants to go back to the caramel again real soon. I think that’s a sign that they enjoyed themselves.

 As you can tell, I’m getting bigger and therefore slower and slower with my picture taking as most photos lately are of the back of the girls’ heads. (That’s Cece on the big inflatable climber there.) Below are a few photos of some of the activities they participated in.


Rosie got to show off her muscles.

The girls panned for gold.

They also participated in the outhouse toilet paper toss.

And best of all, they both decided they wanted to take a ride on the mechanical bull. Which is great life skill/social skill to have. Who was I to stop that?

After all of our Wild West-ing, we had some lunch and promptly took the girls (and myself) home to nap.

Hoping to have more fun outings and adventures to post about soon. Have a great week!