Easter 2017

Easter weekend turned out to be lovely in all sorts of ways.  Even though it rained on Saturday morning and our neighborhood egg hunt became more of a mingle with the Easter bunny and friends at one of our neighbor’s houses (still complete with eggs, treats, and plenty of excited kids.), everyone still enjoyed themselves. On Saturday afternoon we traveled up to St. Cloud and spent the rest of the weekend with Joe’s family. On Sunday morning, the weather was PERFECT and we had a big old egg hunt in Grandma’s and Grandpa’s yard. Kids and adults alike were in good spirits… you can’t ask for much more than that!

Taking photos during the egg hunt was challenging as I am not fast right now (I am also the shape and color of an Easter egg too) and those kids were HUSTLING. Fortunately, Joe was ever so sweet to slow down and pose for photos for me. Isn’t he nice?

 Even in the wind, we managed a couple family pictures! Ahhh!

After the egg hunt, there was kite flying followed by a delicious lunch. (Let’s just say I wait all year for those cheesy potatoes.) We stayed to socialize for awhile before driving home. (The girls and I both napped the whole way home, it was glorious) Once we were home, we  did a little more kite flying and then packed up our ham and potato leftovers and had a dinner picnic at a nearby park.

Thanks again to my in-laws for hosting such a great holiday. I hope your weekend was fabulous. I hope that your dress clothes weren’t too itchy, I hope you got your fill of chocolate eggs, and I hope you got to get out and enjoy this gorgeous weather!