A Two-Wheelin’ Sensation!

You may have heard that someone is turning six very soon! We’re onto all sorts of big kids things including finally getting the hang of riding a bike with no training wheels. We’ve dabbled in taking them off before (but then have always put them back on). Over the weekend, however, our neighbors passed down a pretty sweet bike to Cece. (It’s adorable. I mean, I would ride it.) Thus, she and Joe have spent several hours over the past couple days making great progress in getting her to stay upright and riding by herself. As you can see, we’ve opted for the riding-in-the-grass learning technique and it’s nice because it’s not as scary to tip over and she’s much more willing to get back on the horse… or bike. Anyway, I am so impressed with how much she has improved in just a couple days and I think she’s pumped about being able to keep up with her neighborhood friends. Thanks again to our neighbors for passing along such a great bike and to Joe whose back must be really sore from all the helping ; )