Greetings from the final weeks (possibly days!) of pregnancy! I’ve reached 38 weeks and a huge part of me (mostly the front part) is ready to see my toes again, get out of a parked car without getting stuck, be able to wear more than just my pajama bottoms, and eat the #5 from Jimmy John’s again.

But there are  several things I will truly miss and I’m not wishing away. And those I’ve listed below.

What I’ll miss about being pregnant:

1. Everyone thinking I’m a superhero for going to the gym. Did I just come here just to stretch and sit with my water in the lounge while my three-year-old is in the daycare? Perhaps. But everyone who sees me acts like I’m doing something heroic. So much encouragement and “Good for you!” This does not happen when I’m not pregnant. No ever gave me a thumbs-up or a fist bump before when I was  on the elliptical with the resistance set at 0 while watching HGTV.

2. Having Joe get me food in the middle of the night. Again, this doesn’t usually work when I’m not pregnant. At this point, if I say “Honey, I can’t sleep, I’m just sooooo hungry.” he’ll actually go downstairs to the kitchen and bring me back food. To eat in bed. It’s only happened a couple times, but it was GLORIOUS.

3. People insisting that I sit down and put my feet up. Or people giving up their seat for me without me saying a word. Is it possible that my being pregnant brings out the super sweet side of people? I think it does.

4. The wonder! All day long, I’m daydreaming and wondering if the little person jabbing me is a boy or girl, has an amazing head of hair, or likes Moana music as much as I do. I’m dying to know who this baby is and see his or her face! But for the moment, I’m just enjoying the unknown and imagining my life with either three girls or with two girls a new little fella.

5. Going to my doctor appointments. I’m serious. First of all, I’m able to go to these without bringing any kids, so it’s like a mini vacation driving to the clinic and sitting in the waiting room with a magazine. I get told “Great!” as the scale numbers go up and then I’m able to listen to baby’s swishy heartbeat and then socialize (I mean ask questions) with my doctor. Going back to the OB when there is no baby to chat about? Not as fun.

6. Hearing the girls talk to my belly and give it hugs and kisses. They don’t even know who this baby is either and they’re already pretty darn sweet to it. Especially when they try to feed me their vegetables and tell me “Eat it, it’s for the baby!”

7. Nesting! A great thing about pregnancy is suddenly having motivation to take on a ton of projects. (Strangely enough, many are not baby-related.) In addition to acquiring and assembling baby equipment and a nursery, I’ve also done things like touch up all the paint in our house, made photo books that I’ve been meaning to do for three years, and have taken about seven trips to Goodwill purging our stuff. Because I tell you, babies really care about paint scuffs and too-cluttered closets.

8. My amazing rack. I will miss it. RIP good boobs post-pregnancy/post-nursing. It always happens.

9. My belly shelf. The best place ever to rest my arms, hands, or snack.

10. All. the. movement. It truly feels like there is an octopus in my stomach that has knees and is also wearing gym shoes. Sure, the occasional left hook or roundhouse kick to one of my organs is a little uncomfortable, but at the same time, pretty much the coolest thing in the world.

Little one, we’re ready for you whenever you’re ready to come on out! But in the meantime, I’m going to keep enjoying being your house and home.