Happy 6th Birthday, Cece!

Over the weekend, Cece turned SIX!

We celebrated by hosting two parties on Saturday (school friends first at the park and then cousins and family over to our house after).

The weather was windy and chilly, but that’s the risk you take throwing an outdoor party in April! Fortunately, all of the kids stayed in very good spirits. And lucky for Joe and I, we had a couple sets of parents stick around to help us pull off everything (Well, rather, help us hold down everything. Otherwise, there was a good chance the food, gifts, and children may have blown away.) Our hands were full the entire time, so pictures didn’t really happen except for a few of the kids whacking the heck out of the unicorn piñata.

We had about an hour between parties to transition from the park and then get things ready at our house before family arrived. I had thought the idea of trying to throw two parties in one day was a little overwhelming, but we pulled it off!

Cousins and grandparents came over, we had pizza, cake, opened presents, and did some more running around outside. Thank you so much to all who came on Saturday to help us celebrate! It was truly everything Cece hoped it would be.

Sunday April 30th was Cece’s actual birthday. In the morning, Michael and McKenzie came over and assisted Cece with her new Easy Bake Oven gift. (Mini sparkle cookies for everyone! Or at least Cece and Rosie, they didn’t stretch too far!)

 In the afternoon, when Joe was done with work, we headed to Conquer Ninja Warrior for open gym in Woodbury. Our family loves watching American Ninja Warrior and we’ve been eagerly anticipating Cece turning six so she could try out the gym and the obstacles. Cece had a BLAST! She left all sweaty and asking if we could please, please, please get a membership. I don’t know that we’ll be getting a membership, but we will definitely make some more appearances there! I also knew Joe and Cece were seriously fit beasts, but I was still awed and so proud by how much they were able to do! After the gym, we returned home for some dinner, leftover cupcakes, and a couple small presents to open from me and Joe.

Once more, happy birthday, Cece!  You changed our lives forever and for the better when you were born six years ago. I love what a happy and sweet girl you are. I love how you can’t bear to stay in bed until 7 a.m. because you just can’t wait to get up and start your day. I love how much you adore your family and friends and how you are always making art/gifts/cards to give everyone. I love how you are so thoughtful and helpful; you constantly inspire me to be a better version of myself. You are a delight and ray of sunshine who is going to go far in life! We love you so much, little lady!