Family and Newborn Photos

Last weekend we cleaned up ourselves and our house (kind of) and had some family and newborn photos taken! Since Ares arrived, I only had one photo of him, Joe, and myself (which was of me on the operating table) and none of all five of us. This time, I am extremely aware of how quickly this teeny tiny newborn phases passes. After all, I have a three-year-old and a six-year-old that remind me everyday of how quickly little babies grow up as they ask for things like pierced ears (Cece) or attempt to wander off to our neighbors’ house (Rosie).

I want to say a huge thanks to Gianna of  Light + Soul  who did a rock star job of really capturing our family and all of the kids’ personalities (You will see in the photos below!).  Normally, I would have just tried to take my own newborn and kid photos, but I’m realizing that outsourcing help is KEY with three kids! And I’m thrilled with how our images turned out and also that I actually got to be in some photos too.

Now all I have to do is finally create birth announcements and figure out which photos to frame! I always preach the importance of having family photos taken while also keeping an element of “real life” in there. I’m glad I finally got around to following my own advice and also glad that my whole family were such great sports about spending an afternoon being photo subjects!