Seven Years!

“And if this world runs out of lovers, we’ll still have each other.”

We got married seven years ago today! Somehow, it seems like just yesterday and also forever ago at the same time.

I’m still in love with our wedding photos. We were such babies (without any babies of our own yet!).

In honor of our anniversary, I tried to find and a few of my favorite photos of us from over the years. As I sit here and type now with a baby on my lap, spit up on my shirt, and a three year old proudly telling me that “I sneaked more blueberries and it was SO YUMMY!”, it’s nice to look at photos of us all dressed up and put together for holidays and photo sessions! Brace yourself, there’s lots of smooching… apparently I like kissy photos.

We took these family photos/Cece’s one year pics around our 2 year anniversary. Our two year anniversary felt like a big deal to me. In those two years of being married, we had our first baby and had purchased our first home. Joe also gifted me with our wedding album of professional photos which I have enjoyed looking at so much over the years!

Here is one of us in 2013 in Mexico. I feel like in Mexico we are truly our best selves. (Does this have something to do with the tequila and endless tacos? Perhaps…) Going through vacation photos definitely makes me want to go on another trip together. It’ll be awhile before that can happen, but it’s good to know that we are bound to have a great time whenever the stars align and we get to jet set once more!

This is another one of my favorite photos of us together. Again, we only get dressed up about twice a year, so I can’t stop staring! This was taken at a wedding shortly before I found out I was pregnant with Rosie.

This one was taken on Easter in 2014 about two weeks after Rosie was born. It was one of our first photos as a family of four and it ended up being such a sweet season of our lives, having our two girls keeping us busy for the next three years.

Oh looky! Us back in Mexico again for our five year wedding anniversary! I think the key to a happy marriage might be occasional trips to Mexico and I think Joe would agree with that statement.

I still love these family photos so much that Joe’s cousin Ashley took for us in the fall of 2015. We look so happy in these pictures, you would never know that we were on, like, day 3 of our first Whole 30 and were both hangry suffering from sugar withdrawals.

And here’s us at Ren Fest in 2016. I think that’s another key element in keeping a happy marriage. Going out for the giant turkey leg and while in costume. It keeps things spicy.

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m still obsessing over our recent family photo session and I couldn’t help but include those images again.

 I’m still in disbelief at how much has happened (and how many additional people have been created) in the past seven years. As I look at all these photos, I keep thinking about how we had no idea how much better things were going to get and how many great things were ahead. The wedding day itself can feel like somewhat of a finish line after all of the planning that goes in a wedding, but it really is truly the beginning of so many wonderful things. Marriage really is an incredible blend of easy and difficult, silly and serious, routine and adventure, and there’s no one else I’d rather be married to.

Happy Anniversary, Joe! I have immensely enjoyed doing life together these past seven years! Thank you for making me coffee every morning, making sure my car always has gas, being an outstanding dad to our kids, making me laugh until it hurts, and for always understanding how important it is for us to have good snacks. Love you!