Ares at One Month

Ares turned one-month old this week! It’s been a whole lot of eat, sleep, grow, repeat. He loves being held but doesn’t love being naked or his carseat (or shopping ) very much. He’s filling out and getting longer and I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t cram him into NB size clothes or diapers after this week (SAD!).  However, I’m getting what I think is a real smile out of him every now and again and that just melts me like a popsicle on a hot summer day.

 Even though I spend all my time with this little fellow, I’m constantly still wrapping my head around the fact that he’s here! Below are a few more photos I took of him earlier in the month.

I also feel like I can’t write this post without giving a serious nod to Rosie. She has been a little mama to Ares and a heck of a big sister.

She always tries to “fix” him when he’s crying by giving him a pacifier, singing to him, or just saying “It’s ok, baby!” She’s been really protective and sometimes doesn’t like when other kids even look at him (I’m encouraging her to ease up about that since it’s ok for other people to look at him). If he’s upstairs sleeping, she always tells me she needs to check on him. And when he’s sleeping, she tries to wake him up to “see his eyes.” (I’m also encouraging her to ease up about that too…). Even though she can have her intense three-year-old moments, I’ve been highly impressed at what a sweet big sister she’s been.

(Also, big thanks to Joe for being muscle-y and patient enough to help me recreate one of the newborn shots I found on Pinterest.)

In addition to looking so good, Joe has been a rockstar by shooing me out of the house several times this month so I could spend time with friends (and sometimes just myself!). He’s endured being spit up on, being yelled at by Ares, and has taken care of so much around our house without me asking. I really couldn’t be doing this mama thing without all the support I’ve been getting!

Can’t wait to see what you’re up to next month, Ares!