Return to the cabin!

Happy 4th of July weekend! We spent last Friday and Saturday up at my in-laws cabin. This was our first visit up there since last summer and we squeezed a whole lot into our 24 hour visit.


Even though the weather was on the chilly side for July, none of the kids or their cousins hesitated about getting into the water and playing with the paddleboards and squirt guns. Rosie wasn’t feeling very well this weekend, but you would have no idea by her smile in those top photos.

The paddleboards were a huge hit this summer, as they were last summer. I even managed to take a small lap with one while Rachel Jamie held the baby (thanks, Rach!)

I personally love the above photo of Joe pulling his goddaughter Samantha. Samantha, I really like your style. #summergoals

The kids got a chance to do a little fishing too. I don’t know much about fishing, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen Rosie’s technique ever used before.

There was also some friendly fire between cousins as the adults facilitated a water balloon fight for the wee ones. Our girls don’t exactly have the most amazing aim, so they took to just squeezing the water out of the balloons. Whatever works, right?

Rosie even got brave and went for her first ever  tube ride with Joe. (She fell asleep immediately after.)

And Cece took a tube ride solo! I’m pretty sure the boat wasn’t even running as she was being pulled, but I’m still glad that she was willing to get out there by herself.

(Thanks for the excellent smile Cece ; )

And looky here! A group photo! After uploading all these images, I realized there’s very few adults pictured, so it just looks like a bunch of kids and Joe running around the cabin. But, no! Look at all of us including the tall Texans who made a two-day drive to be there. It was fantastic to see everyone and I wish we were still up there hanging out, having snacks, catching up, and chasing down each other’s kids to put lifejackets on. Thank you to all who helped watch our kids, and hold the baby when I needed to eat or shower, or go on a paddleboard ride. It takes a village and I’m so glad I have a solid one to be a part of!

By the way, Rosie in this shot is EVERYTHING. I hope this gets framed and displayed at the cabin soon.

Hope you have a super fun (and safe!) 4th of July!