Halfway through summer!

The midpoint of summer has arrived and although I feel like we’ve done so much, I know there’s still more  to squeeze in! Above is a photo of Rosie borrowing her friend’s motorcycle and riding into summer like the coolest cat you’ve ever seen. Here is everything that’s gone on so far and the photographic proof to back up my claims:

Above are just a couple pretty photos from my Instagram that don’t really have another place in this blog (one is of our dining table, the other is from the parking garage in Uptown), but I thought they made for nice blog intro… imagery.

To start with, Rosie’s love and affection for Ares has been going strong. She asks to hold him at least once a day, assists with diaper changes, always wants to see him, and constantly declares “He’s so cute!” No, Rosie. YOU are so cute!

At the beginning of June, Cece reached an educational milestone as she finished up kindergarten! It was a great end to a great school year. They had a wonderful celebration day complete with diplomas,  songs, and an end-of-year slideshow. We also atteneded a school picnic that day. It was one of my first outings with all 3 kids and I appreciate every single parent who could see the fear in my eyes and held doors open for me, helped me get food for the girls, etc. It really takes a village. And now I have an incoming first-grader on my hands…which I am in denial about.

I also reached a post-baby social milestone and got shooed out of the house a couple times to have dinner and drinks and go see friends!

I wished happy birthday and  bid farewell (as so did many others!) to my friend Leah who moved out of the Twin Cities last month. She’s one of the funnest (I don’t care if funnest isn’t a word) people I know and I look forward to whenever she can visit!

The day after Cece got out of school, we packed up our minivan and drove to Chicago. We got into town in time to wish my sister a happy birthday! (Even though Rosie always thinks the cake and candle-blowing privileges are all hers).

The next day, Joe, Ares and I ventured to Sparta (or Richmond, Illinois) for Joe to take on the Spartan Super. He basically breezed through it and I’m glad I could watch him complete  several obstacles and cross the finish line. A big thanks to my mom for watching the girls while we were at the race!

Following our day of Spartan fun, we drove out to Wilmington to visit my Aunt Donna and my cousins (and pass the baby around!) I hadn’t been there in forever and I loved catching up as well as having a Joanna Gaines moment by getting to checking out all of their antique finds throughout their house and garage.

  The girls cannot help themselves anytime they found a piano. Now if only they knew some songs…

The next day, my sister’s godmother Denise hosted us at her house and pool. The girls still talk about what a fantastic time we had there. I still talk about what a fantastic time we had there. I think Rosie just like being carried around like a pool princess. And I enjoyed floating around with good company and drinks! It was basically like being on a resort in Mexico for the afternoon.

We even made it out to Chinatown to see my grandma and she was able to meet her great-grandson. Were they both excited? I think so!

Our last night in Chicago, my sister graciously hosted us and other friends (and our kids) in her home. She made a ton of delicious food (plus Sangria!) Of course, I don’t have a photo with her buuuut, I have one with Sarah and that’s pretty close to the same thing.  Until next time, Chicago!

After returning from our week in Chicago, we took lots of naps and then celebrated Father’s Day. And by celebrate, I mean Joe had to work on Sunday. But he came home to cake and gifts, so I bet he liked that. I personally like that he’s a wonderful dad and somehow, so darn nice to snuggle with (even with all those abs).

After that big trip, our summer in Hudson finally started. The girls took a one-week Moana dance camp at The Dancing House. Cece thoroughly enjoyed the experience. (I mean, tap shoes!) Rosie enthusiasm and participation fluctuated throughout the week, but she was still pumped to go to class every day. And Miss Melissa, if you ever host an adult Moana dance camp… I will probably be the first to sign myself up… just sayin’.

The girls were also able to ride their bikes to their dance class every day because it was so close by. And to be honest, I liked being able to take a few walks with Ares by myself after I dropped them off! I think that’s what we call a win-win.

Spartan season also continued as Joe ran the Spartan Sprint in Welch Village, MN. (This came two weeks after the Chicago Super he did). Ceca and her cousin Michaela ran the kid race as well that day. Although the day was filled with chaos, lines, and people covered in mud, it was a great experience and I know both of them will be at it again next year. (More of that is on this post)

When not going to the gym or running errands with me, the girls have enjoyed their summer days with neighborhood friends so much! It’s been a sanity saver for me to as they seem to play better and fight less with each other when they are in a bigger group of kids. So friends and neighbors, keep sending your kids by! (By the way, that awesome slide was a gift from my Uncle Pete… so every now and then we get to have Wisconsin Dells in our backyard.)

  And due to the fact that Joe can’t resist anything he thinks the girls will love, they have been going to sleep at night under their “dream tents.” I snuggled with Cece in hers one night and decided that they are indeed delightful and magical and that I should probably get one for my bed too.

In food news, we decided to give another round of Whole 30 a try at the beginning of July. With Joe wanting to be in good shape for Spartan season and me wanting to be feel good/have energy for all that parenting, we figured should give it a go. We made it 5 days of honest Whole 30 eating. Then we had a night of perfect weather and kids in bed early. I lovingly looked at Joe and said “You know what would make this night even more perfect? Wine and pizza.” So we ordered a pizza and I sent him to pick up a bottle of red. And it really was a perfect evening from there. Since then, I’ve still been buying mostly Whole 30 ingredients and making Whole 30 meals. (This basically means I’ve been making really messy dishes that are protein/produce centric and usually include some type of salsa and/or guacamole. But what I’ve found is that salsa and guacamole do a body good, so there’s that.)

As you can see, we believe in balance and are not above making short stacks for our short stacks on the weekends!

The weekend prior to the 4th of July we spent at the cabin. On the actual holiday we attended a big neighborhood party and Cece couldn’t get enough of the inflatable waterslide.  The girls attempted to stay up late to watch fireworks, but unfortunately, the really good ones started after they were already asleep. Maybe they’ll catch more next year!

At the beginning of July, Ares turned two months old. He’s been getting chatty and smiling more which makes this lady feel really good. His toes are busting out of his three-month-sized sleepers already and I can’t believe I already have to box up his tiny stuff. Ugh, mister. You can slow down with all of that growing up.

In family news, last weekend all three Burski kids were baptized. Joe and I were honored to be chosen as godparents for our niece Adeline!

Although the above pictures are colorful and happy, I need to let it be known that these past two months have definitely been the most exhausting and challenging of my life.  I often look/feel like the hot mess express no matter where I go or what I do. Between trying to make healthy meals, keep up (barely)  housework, exercise, referee fights, come up with fun things to do (that’s not always the iPad), nurse a for hours a week, and do all of the life admin work, I always feel like I’m coming up short somewhere. #millenialmomproblems

 I’ve had to remind myself a lot that we just had a new baby only two months ago, via unplanned C-section, wrangling three kids is not for wimps, and that I am actually doing ok and doing enough. Yesterday Cece wanted to take sibling pictures together and the other two happily obliged and smiled at each other and for me. And then Rosie jumped in my arms unprompted today, held my face  and said “Mom, I love you SO MUCH!.” So maybe, just maybe, I’m not as much of a mess as I always think I am (and bless all my mama friends who have kindly supported me along this journey!).

I hope your summer has been fantastic and has been filled with at least a little bit of relaxation. I know the school year will be here before we know it, so I’m going to try to enjoy every messy minute I have left with the above weirdos.

Thanks for reading this haphazard monster of a blogpost if you made it to the end!