Six and Three

“My biggest dream come true is my daughter;

I’ve wanted her since I was a little girl.”

(^^^Shoe credit goes to Grandma Pat!^^^)

On my to-do list this summer was to take updated photos of the girls that I could frame, give to grandparents, etc. I finally got around to it this morning!  I also really wanted to get some nice shots of Cece before she starts losing all of her teeth this year. I guess that kind of sounds bad, but it’s true. Now that she is six and first grade is about to begin, I feel that we’re truly entering the (toothless) big-kid era. The events that happen now she may actually remember later in life. (Which means I need to probably shape up. Not saying that Cece is going to use her current life as book fodder, but you never know!)

See what I mean? All those glorious teeth still in her mouth.

Rosie chose her own outfit and requested “Poppy” hair (like from Trolls). So I feel like I really captured the essence of who she is right now. I may choose to take some more photos of her later with a more refined hair style… but to be honest, I probably won’t get around to that!

I feel like this shot captures their sister-ship decently.

But I think this photo captures it EVEN BETTER.

In all seriousness though, even on my hardest and most exhausting days, I can’t believe these little ladies are mine. I couldn’t have dreamed up better ones. I always hoped I’d have at least one girl and I feel so incredibly fortunate that I ended up with a set of sisters.  I hope they look out for each other and enjoy each other (most of) their entire lives. I hope there is so much clothes-borrowing, secret-sharing, and late-night dreaming for years to come. And if nothing else, I hope they learn to at least tolerate each other since they are going to be sharing a room for the foreseeable future. Love you girls more than you know!


P.S. Some other milestone pics/posts I’ve done are Two and Five and Three Years and Three Months.

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