First Day of First Grade!

We just sent Cece off to her first day of first grade, light-up sneakers and all! I feel like school just let out for the summer about two minutes ago, but here we are having just returned from the bus stop! I did not have a chance to get weepy and emotional since the two youngest would not stop crying this morning and that would have just been too much boo-hooing for one house. I asked Cece if she was really going to leave me home with all these crying kids and she said “Maybe you can get an imaginary friend to help you!”  (So imaginary friend, feel free to come by at any time and bring coffee, ‘kay?) But Cece was a rockstar as she excitedly woke up early, picked out her own clothes (I swear, I had nothing to do with the pineapple shirt), fixed her own hair, etc. I’m definitely going to miss having my big helper/first baby around during the day!

As with previous school years, we took a photo with her blackboard, but it’s getting really scratched up so you really can’t see what it says! Cece still insisted having a photo with it though.

At first, Cece was a little nervous about starting first grade, but attending Meet the Teacher night built her confidence back up.  I think it definitely helped her (and me) to introduce herself to her teacher, find her classroom, her coat hook, and her desk (her DESK!)! I also reminded her that there will be incoming kindergarteners that she will be older than and she loved the idea of giving them reassurance on the bus, answering their questions about kindergarten, and basically using her big kid knowledge for good and not evil.

Have a great first day of school and a great school year, Miss Cecelia Ray! We are proud of you and love you lots!

(Previous first days of school here, here, and here.  Can’t wait to start doing these photos and posts for Rosie!)