Ares at 4 Months

Ares turned four months old today! Last year after Labor Day weekend, I found out I was pregnant. It’s just wild that one year later, Ares is actually here with his chubby cheeks and thighs, gurgling, smiling, and generally loving life (unless he’s tired or hungry, of course.)

Ares has also recently made the discovery of his feet. And he has realized that if he grabs his feet, it basically turns his body into a ball and makes it easier to roll around and travel. Is he innovative or what? He also now has figured out how to grab and bat at objects which the girls find really funny (“Look! He’s pulling my hair!”).

(Those fingers! That drool! He is really in his four-month glory.)

So, as you may have guessed, it takes a little longer to get things done with more children in the house. For instance, I never got around to really getting a bedroom decorated for Ares. The girls have been bunked up for over a year, and our extra room got organized and ready for a baby, but it was never really “done.” Especially not knowing gender, I wasn’t really sure how I wanted the room to look. Also, Rosie liked to nap in the toddler bed in that room from time to time and I knew the baby would be sleeping in our room for awhile, so the nursery really got put on the back burner until basically the last two weeks.

While I was in the hospital with Ares, my mom (as per usual) brought him and myself the cutest gifts, including this squirrel that you can pull down and it plays lullabies as it winds itself back up into the nut. This squirrel then inspired my woodland nursery idea… which I then combined with a stars and moon theme too. So now I give you a night time forest nursery. Because when you like two ideas that you can’t decide between… you just have to put them together! How else do you think the peanut butter and jelly sandwich was made?

I knew I wanted to somehow get trees on the wall without making a mess with paint (and I am a messy painter. ) I was delighted to find these vinyl decals from Target. They were exactly what I was envisioning and I was able to apply them in one afternoon.

All of the wood art came from Hobby Lobby while they were having a 50% off wood art sale. The curtains are Pillowfort brand from Target (I found one of the panels for only $8 on the clearance endcap!)

This corner of the room with the rocking chair and the changing table could use some more TLC… eventually a new cushion for my grandma’s rocking chair and maybe some shelves or decorative items around the changing table. I also think it would be nice to do a small side table with a lamp. Just haven’t found the right one yet! I’m not really sweating about the room not being 100% done yet. I’d say it’s about 3/4 of the way there and I love it!

It is very much not an Ares milestone blog post without an appearance by Rosie. I love how true to life these shots are because she can be frequently found dragging a step stool over to the changing table or the crib to check on him, make him smile, keep him from crying, etc.

Be good friends forever and ever, ok? Ok, great guys.

So there we go. Mr. Ares is definitely more of a baby than infant now. I love watching his little personality come out and seeing him take in the world.