Deep Thoughts with Rosie Grace

Rosie is easily the person I spend most of my time with. Although it can be challenging and we occasionally have crying during the day (which could be either of us), I’m sure it’s good for me. I’m a super sensitive Sally and I think Rosie toughens me up a little with her straight-forward and blunt way of communicating. Sometimes she makes me melt with sweet words (“I just love you so much!”) and sweet gestures (like dusting my entire bedroom with a baby wipe.) Other times she stomps on my feelings with her high-heeled dress shoes.  It’s kind of extreme over here.

(The tent I was not allowed in. But Joe got to be inside and was fed Halloween candy. Woof. It’s cool, Rose. I still love you.)

She has uttered many gems recently, but here are a few of the ones I remembered to write down:

(After applying some of my makeup to her face)
Me: Do you like your makeup?
Rosie: Yes I do. Except I look creepy.


Me: You’re kind of aggressive

Rosie: (matter-of-factly) Yes, I am.


(After feeding me fake breakfast)

“Here is your pancakes and whipped cream and Starbucks. Drink your Starbucks. DRINK IT!!!!”

(What can I say? She knows me well.)

Me: What do you want to be for Halloween?

Rosie: A skeleton!

What Rosie actually was for Halloween:

(About Ares)
Rosie: He loves me though. He really does.


(While reading Room on the Broom)

Rosie: Look, it’s a nipple!

Me: It’s a wart


She’s not wrong.

Well Rosie Posie, I never know what’s next from you! (Here she asked me to take a picture of her in Aldi.)

All I know is that I love you very very much and that I definitely need all the coffee.



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