Family Photos 2017

At the beginning of December, my whole family humored me and allowed me color coordinate our outfits and take them out hiking in the woods for the sake of family photos.

 Fortunately, the afternoon was warm and we got some genuine smiles out of the kiddos. And since Ares hadn’t yet turned officially seven months old yet, we got a few pictures that are legitimately his six-month photos, YAY!

However, Rosie wasn’t really feeling this endeavor. She was tired,  fell down, lost a shoe, and refused to remove her jacket.  Picture day is hard sometimes, man.

Still, Gianna Marie of Light Plus Soul  got some fantastic shots during this mini session (and somehow shot between Rosie’s angry glares and captured some smiles!) and I’m so glad we were able to squeeze these in during the midst of the busy holiday season. Big thank you to her once more for directing our rambunctious group and getting some Christmas card-worthy photos!