Santa Sighting 2017!

Today our family saw the big guy in red! Even better, it was a very quick, non-stressful, no-tears experience! Santa was very friendly, the girls were very talkative and Cece informed Santa of the holiday décor situation in our house (“Now, we have two trees. One upstairs and one downstairs. And we have stocking downstairs, but they don’t have our names on them. Etc.) Cece asked for a keepsake box and Rosie asked for a toy light-up Christmas tree (???) Santa said he’ll be sure there are some surprises, so we will all be anxiously awaiting Christmas day to see how it all turns out. Thank you to Kelley Gallery  in Hudson for hosting such a wonderful Santa Claus experience!

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  1. Jolicrot says:

    Diese Variante kommt mir nicht heran.
    Rexuiz Shooter

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