Christmas Morning 2017

Only one more day in December and then it’s on to the new year! Before we send Cece back to school and our tree gets taken down, I’d like to share a bit from our Christmas.We spent the weekend before Christmas celebrating with Joe’s family in St. Cloud. On Christmas Eve, we took the kids bowling with their cousins. I unfortunately rolled my ankle on Christmas Eve just walking to the car, so I’ve spent a good part of this past week hobbling around in a not-so-spritely way. Christmas Eve was filled with snacks, stories, excitement, watching The Grinch, and setting out cookies for Santa.

The kids slept until around 7:30 on Christmas Day. We enjoyed a pancake breakfast and then opened gifts from each other and Santa. Cece got a Princess travel vanity from Santa and Rosie was thrilled with her new doctor kit. Ares thoroughly enjoyed all of the wrappings and packaging for things… probably more than his gifts. Oh, babies.  My brother and McKenzie visited us in the afternoon and we snacked and socialized. As far as holidays go, this was a pretty relaxing one!We don’t have a family picture from Christmas, but we did manage a bunch of action shots a couple of the kids by the tree which is all I really wanted.

I hope your holiday was filled with good times and happy memories made! Now, onto getting ready for next year’s Christmas??? ; )