So long, 2017!

High five! We made it through 2017! This past year has been brought to you by large cups of coffee and sizable glasses of wine (I mean, consumed responsibly and all, because nursing).

It’s been a crazy and eventful year in the world and also in our home. I hope you were able to find blessings between all of the busy events in life.

As chaotic and sleepless as life is right now, I feel very fortunate to be right in the thick of family life right now. Below are a few of the highlights from 2017:

January, February, and March were surprisingly fun and busy months for us. Even though the weather was frigid, we still packed up the minivan and headed out all sorts of places… The Crayola Experience, The Giggle Factory, Can Can Wonderland, Wisconsin Dells, and even to Chicago over Cece’s spring break.

Winter turned to spring, and spring means birthday season. We celebrated Rosies 3rd birthday, Cece’s 6th birthday, and Joe’s (?) birthday. We headed up to St. Cloud for Easter and also eagerly anticipated baby #3’s arrival.

Ares joined in on birthday season and  was born on May 5th after a pretty exciting delivery.It took about two weeks until we were photo-ready after his birth. I’m still glad we got photos taken though!

The summer was spent learning how to load 3 kids into the car, trying not to be late to everything, snuggling that new baby a whole lot, shuttling the girls around to parks, swim classes, and their dance camp. The girls played with their neighborhood friends almost daily which helped out this (3rd time) new mom A LOT.  We even  managed one trip to Chicago in June and one to the cabin in July.

Joe also ran a bunch of races this summer including 3 Spartan races (one in Colorado), the Tough Mudder, and the Willow River Trail run. The girls even joined in on a few races and it was fantastic to see them all having a blast together!

One of my favorite parts of this year was when my mom and sister visited and we had the most fantastic birthday dinner for myself and Michael at The Lexington in St. Paul. I honestly think it may have been one of my favorite birthdays ever!

We enjoyed a warm fall. Cece happily headed to first grade and Rosie continued being an amazing big sister.

Halloween wasn’t exactly warm, but still manageable with some layers.

In November I put all my mom skills to the test and drove with the 3 kiddos back home to Chicago for Thanksgiving. Although it was quite a bit of work, I’m so glad we did this!

The holidays flew by, but we baked cookies, made gingerbread houses, shopped, saw Santa, and were generally filled with cheer for the month of December and didn’t have to make too many threats about canceling Christmas (thanks, Elf on the Shelf!)

I wanted to basically re-blog and relive every single post from this past year, but for the sake of not making this post extremely long, I will not do that!

Below are some more year-end summary posts from the past. Whew, that’s been a lot of blogging!








I hope everyone has a fantastic time ringing in the new year and I hope 2018 brings things that are bright and shiny your way. My personal goals are to be more present, joyful, and less anxious! I look forward to sharing more of my plans for 2018 here. As always, thanks for reading! Much love!