Scenes from Winter Break

Well, hi there! I hope 2018 is off to a great start for everyone. Christmas is now officially a thing of the past for us now as our décor is all packed up and Cece is back to school. However, I’m going to backtrack over to winter break so it’s all in the books. As for the above photo, I was trying to be all holiday-insta-cute. And then shortly after I posted this photo, I rolled my ankle loading the kids into the car. LAME! So. The above photo is in loving memory of when I was not hobbling around.We didn’t really have any plans on Christmas Eve because Joe was working. But the kids and I joined some of their cousins for an afternoon of bowling. This was Rosie’s first time bowling and aside from not getting to wear her high-heels, she thought it was pretty great!

^^^ Cece admiring her strike^^^Speak of cousins, we had a fantastic time in St. Cloud over Christmas weekend celebrating, eating, and gifting with Joe’s family. Not many photos from that endeavor because it was a lot of socializing. I really wanted a photo with both the girls since they were looking so sweet in their new dresses from Grandma Michele. but pictures are hard…

Anyway, back to Christmas Eve. The girls were dressed in their matching Elf on the Shelf pajamas, were totally maniacs during bedtime/story time, but then somehow fell asleep.

Here’s a shot from Christmas morning breakfast. Having Ares around right now is a little but like having a puppy… He crawls around, gets into everything, nibbles on stuff, and is basically the cutest rolliest thing ever!

On Christmas Day, we mostly just enjoyed relaxing at home. What made the day extra sweet was my brother Michael and McKenzie popping over. We got to catch up and McKenzie brought over the most beautiful and delicious gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate shavings.

It’s been gone for weeks and I’m still kind of obsessed with it.

After Christmas, the temperature plummeted and the temperature in the Midwest were colder than Mars. So, unfortunately there was none of the playing-in-the-snow, sledding, and snowman building, that I had hoped for over Cece’s winter break. We had to come up with alternative plans. We did have our friends the Knudsons over one day and Emily and I managed six kids (and even had to referee the babies) while catching up!

We also did a few art projects while hiding from the cold.

I took the kids to the Giggle Factory in Hudson which they loved.  We didn’t do anything too crazy on New Years Eve (nor do we ever) since Joe always has to work New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. But over the holiday weekend, we took the kids to Good Times Park in Eagan followed by dinner at Kyoto, our favorite sushi place. Ares just slept during the meal and the girls ate lots of food and were well-behaved. I will literally treasure that day/dinner forever.

During the cold snap, we still were able to stay social as we recently had some friends come over for dinner and Cards Against Humanity (which we are playing on the kids picnic table after they went to bed. Classy!)

I’m sure I’ll be doing a blog post all about Ares soon, since he’s been a busy man cutting teeth, crawling, pulling himself up, etc. I can barely keep up with him! Isn’t that photo of him in his crib cute?? It was taken before we lowered the crib mattress and also before I realized that he had begun gnawing on the rails like a hamster.

Speak of upcoming blog posts, I’m hoping to write one about plans for the new year. I’ve got all sorts of ideas and goals! For now, I’ve started out the new year by donating a decent amount of stuff and by also starting another round of The Whole 30 to get in the habit of, well, good eating habits for the year! I’ve been kind of absent on social media lately because all I’ve been doing lately is grocery shopping and making/eating eggs.

So, once more, happy new year to you and yours! Hope to see you around here soon!