2018 Resolutions


Happy Monday! (Or at least as happy as we can be on a Monday in January…)

I don’t know why, but I’m really feeling all the goals/plans/resolutions for 2018. Probably just because of my super cute planner…

I think 2017 was definitely a year for surviving and adjusting as we got used to having a third baby in our lives. Now that I’m getting (slightly) more sleep, I’m excited to plan ways to thrive, grow, and have fun in 2018. Sometimes I like to keep my goals and plans to myself, because what if I don’t follow through after I’ve told people I’m going to do all this fine stuff? On the other hand, declaring goals aloud to another human being (or just posting it online) does make one feel more accountable. So I’m going with that approach this year.

Here are my goals for the new year:


-Complete a January Whole 30

-Consistent weekly gym visits/workouts

-Complete my first Spartan Race this year

-At least 1 fun (non-gym) athletic activity per month (ice skating, dance class, rock climbing, etc.)

I feel like I am on a good track to healthy living this year. Right now, I am one week deep in a Whole 30. My reason for doing it this January is to fine-tune my relationship with food, to reset from the holidays, and establish good eating habits as the new year begins (everything from less sweets and alcohol to regular meal prepping and just drinking more water!).

I’ve been taking a break from the gym since Christmas because of my ankle. But prior to rolling my ankle, I had been going at least three times per week and I’m hoping to get back to that soon. I’m also hoping that in addition to getting to the gym on a regular basis, I can figure out a way to occasionally incorporate some fun non-gym related activity. I’d love to get to an openskate once in awhile or back to rock climbing when time allows.

Lastly, after watching Joe enjoy the heck out of Spartan Races I decided that I’d like to try at least one this year! Keep me in your thoughts as that type of training sounds extremely daunting, but I gotta try it!


-Create and publish 1-2 blog posts per week

-Continue to develop photography skills, improve/increase services, increase client base (I’m very excited for some of the ideas I have for this year!)

Although, I haven’t stumbled upon the secret sauce in becoming a stylish mega-successful blogger with all the sponsorships, I still love recording my family’s life’s happenings as much as ever. It’s been very cool for me to look back at posts I published six years ago and see how much has changed since!

As far as photography goes, I stayed quite busy last year and immensely enjoyed meeting new families as well as connecting with past clients. I’m hoping to polish up my website, offer a few more services, and also get back to the education side of things and improve my shooting as much as possible this year.


-Reach out to more people in real life! (Phone calls to faraway friends and family, play dates, ladies nights, dates with my husband etc.)

-More unplugging (limit time on phone and watching TV)

-More reading (get to the library more often and get after that stack of to-reads sitting on my shelf)

– Self-care Sunday (when I call my mom, then put away my phone while I read from the aforementioned stack of books while drinking tea ; )

I think all of the above is quite self explanatory and I’m excited to find ways to be social as well as relax (and by relax, I don’t mean just scrolling on my phone) when needed. I know that making sure that I am taking care of my own needs (nutrition, sleep, exercise, mental breaks) helps me a LOT with being the best mom, wife, friend, etc. I can be so I do not feel guilty about making sure my happiness as well as health is a priority!

House & Home Life:

-Continue decluttering

-Complete one décor and one organizational project each month

This one is also pretty self explanatory. Unfortunately lots of my home project ideas cost $$$ and I do not have $$$. However, it costs NOTHING to declutter and donate what we are not using and organize the things that we do need. Again, my plan is to take steps every week/month to get our home in tip-top shape!


I know this blog post has a bit of a business plan vibe, and I think I wrote it mostly for myself to get my own thoughts straight.

Anyway, I know all of this sounds quite ambitious. And goals are great, but goals need a plan otherwise they just kind of sit on paper (or a blog post) and go unattended to. I think the key to accomplishing these things are just to have a good strategy written out for each day that carves out time for productivity as well as relaxation.

To be completely honest, my days mostly consist of feeding people and cleaning up messes with errands thrown in when absolutely necessary. I will say, that I feel like I have a pretty kick-ass morning routine (which I will share here soon!) and I think if I can get our afternoons/evenings slightly more structured and under control, I can work in ways to make progress towards these goals every day.

I’m hoping to track my progress in all these different areas here and am looking forward to it!

If you made it to the end, thank you kindly for listening to me ramble about myself. And I’d love to hear what others have planned for 2018!