Ares at 9 Months

Yesterday Ares turned 9 months old! He is just a little dude living his best life. He put up with his crazy mama and was a total rockstar for his 9 month photo shoot yesterday afternoon. Getting him to smile at me was easy peasy because he’s such a happy little man. Wrestling his chubby self into “real” jeans, a button down, and a cardigan was a different story and took up more time than actually taking the photos. The top button of his shirt wouldn’t button, nor would the sleeves. (It’s a 12-month outfit too.) He really is just the happiest little guy. He only gets cranky when he needs a nap, and even then he’s easy too. You just lay him down in his crib, put his pacifier in his hand (which he pops into his own mouth) and then rolls over to go to sleep. He constantly tries to grab our food and our cell phones. He is the recipient of much love and affection from his older sisters. Rosie is also dedicated to keeping him away from danger and will sometimes drag him away from things he shouldn’t go near (usually this makes him laugh). I’ve yet to find a food he doesn’t enjoy yet, but some favorites seem to be eggs, avocados, and bananas. He is a speedy crawler, loves pulling himself up on things, tackling Joe, and squealing/shrieking with delight. (I’ve had these shots on my Pinterest board for years and kept missing my time window to take them with my older kids. Third time is a charm though! I played around with a few editing styles and I just love them.)

In order to get those above shots, I had to move our dining room table and put a bunch of food in front of Ares. But hey, whatever works! The above photo is him picking puffs off his foot to eat.)(I need to remember these rolls for the rest of my life) Those two front teeth and his scrunchy-nosed smile slays me.

Ares James, it has been a blast watching you grow this year. Your toddler years are going to keep me on my toes like never before, but your mama is up for the challenge. Love you, little man!

(Also, I linked up past posts to Rosie’s nine-month and Cece’s nine-month pics. I love comparing and contrasting the kids’ features at similar ages. Links are below!)

Rosie at nine months and Cece at nine months


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